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Civil disputes

Civil disputes with the participation of individuals are regulated by the tribunals or the general jurisdiction courts (Justice of the Peace, District court, Court of Appeal etc.) and are concerned with the various cases, starting from the family conflicts (for example, divorce, division of assets, invalidity of marriage contracts) and ending the disputes on consumer rights protection.

Conflicts between neighbors are rather acute, as during these types of conflicts the abuse of rights may arise, also these cases are complicated by the application of the norms of land law, sanitary regulations, construction norms and regulations etc.

Nowadays disputes connected with the violation of exclusive rights (copyright and related rights) for the results of intellectual activity and means of identification (trademark, symbols etc) are becoming more actual. For example, exclusive right for the result of intellectual activity (produced in the process of creative work) initially belongs to its author. This right can be transferred by the author to the other individuals by the contract, or can be submitted to other person on different reasons, prescribed in the legislation. Rights on the result of intellectual activity created by joint efforts of two and more individuals (co-authors) belongs to the co-authors together.

Protection of the exclusive rights is not always a simple procedure, sometimes we have to pursue to the court (from the name of the rightholder) the cascade of claims, which bring the result only as a complex.

As a rule, many civil disputes passed through the stage of trial expertise, where all the important legal facts are determined. In this area special knowledge is required even starting from the moment of formulating the question to an expert (basing on the wisdom: “What kind of question you are asking – the respective respond you receiving”).

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