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400066, Volgograd,
ul. M. Chuykova, 21

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About the company

The Law Bureau “IRBIS” (Volgograd region) was founded in 1991 (Law firm “IRBIS” Ltd.). In 1996 all lawyers of the firm were accepted as members of Volgograd Regional Board of lawyers and proceed their practice as advocates in the Law Firm “IRBIS”.

In 2003, according to the Federal law of RF “About lawyers’ activity and advocacy in Russian Federation”, the Law Firm “IRBIS” was reorganized to the Law Bureau “IRBIS” (Volgograd region).

The Managing Director of the Law Bureau "IRBIS" (Volgograd region) is the Doctor of Jurisprudence Volkov Alexander Viktorovich.

The Bureau consists of 5 lawyers, assistants to lawyers, the expert, legal specialists. All the lawyers have, at least, 15-20 years of the legal experience, the secondary higher financial and economic education, academic degrees.

We are mobile and are always ready to participate in negotiation with your partners and to take care about the “purity” of any transaction in any Russian region.

Social responsibility

The philosophy of our business is professionalism with a sign of quality. While developing our business we are starting to realize the social significance of our work. We provide the legal protection of business that helps us to develop legal professional environment.

Moreover, we realize that it is not enough to influence only professional environment. What is also important – to assist in solving problems of local community and we always increase our input by developing programs of social responsibility.

As an example, the Law Bureau “IRBIS” was sponsoring of purification the surroundings of Volga river from industrial waste and planting of greening, building of basketball-football sports grounds for children in the Erzovka village Volgograd region.

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Except for that, we regularly provide support to the orphanages, schools, organizations for disabled people, and for people in the difficult life situations.

Lawyers of the Firm regularly provide consulting services on free-of-charge basis to the citizens and organizations.