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Arbitration disputes

Arbitration disputes occur more than in a half of our business practice cases. We deal with different types of disputes, for example, regarding the supply of the various products, manufacturing process, realization of investment projects, construction of the movable and immovable properties.

Specially complicated disputes are those connected with the manufacturing of agricultural products. Most of these cases involve questions of turnover shares in the land plot, rental relations on agricultural grounds, mistaken perception of land plot as a “birth-giving” of the harvest (instead of grains sown), arising and calculation in the different cycles of agricultural works, etc.

As the most complicated arbitration disputes we may also specify the cases on bankruptcy of individuals and legal entities, because legislation on bankruptcy is regularly changing and represents the complicated legal techniques that can be regulated only by high-class professional lawyers. Our experience demonstrates that the trustees in insolvency lead the process only in the formal framework and fail to figure out the indications of suspicious or disingenuous transactions of the debtor, that leads to the missing possibilities to increase the as-sets in insolvency.

We possess the necessary knowledge and experience to prepare sufficiently and guaranty the proper procedure of bankruptcy. The starting price for our services is normally not higher then 100 000 rubles. Later, all the costs are reimbursed from the as-sets in insolvency.