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Environmental disputes

The Law “About the environmental protection” came into force on 01 January 2015 year. Since 01 August 2014 new rules of pasportization of waste from production came into force. Moreover, the Federal Classification Catalogue of Waste (FCCW) was changed as well as criteria of evaluation of the waste hazard class. There are still a series of problems in the preparation of project of standards of producing waste and limits on its approval. The responsibility for ecological violation was changed from the 5-parts penalty to the 100-parts, for ecological violation punishment was increased to the 8 years of deprivation of liberty.

In these complicated frames the help of professional lawyers deeply ‘indulged’ into the ecological violations and understanding the scheme of ‘juridical life’ of the waste is essential:

  • from inventarization to the getting limits and license for the activity of dealing with waste;
  • from the method of biotesting of identifying the class of hazard to the complex chemico-technological expertise;
  • from juridical documentation of the objects of placing waste to the geological subtleties of its disposal;
  • from preparation of protocols of International Convention on chemical weapons and acts of samples selection, choosing of research methodology and GOST to the estimation of hazard class and classification of waste by FCCW;
  • from Basel convention “On waste disposal” to the assessing of illegal letters of Rosprirodnadzor;
  • from the questions of payment for the waste disposal or placing waste to the assessing guidelines of permissible impact on the environment;
  • from the questions of ownership right for the waste to the incorporating objects of the placing waste in GRORO;
  • from precise and reliable claims to the positive decisions in the disputes with Rosprirodnadzor.

All above-mentioned areas of knowledge presuppose systematic and effective approach to avoid the deepest mistakes and following claims from the side of Rosprirodnadzor.

We have successfully fulfilled tens of the cases on the ecological disputes with Rosprirodnadzor, nearly 10 milliards of returned (saved from the payment) monetary funds, series of discontinued of criminal prosecution on ecological violations. We will be happy to see you among our clients!