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Legal support

Complex legal support of client’s business is a traditional service of our company, it includes the regular subscriber’s support in exchange on the fixed periodical remuneration. Suitability and convenience of this service for the clients consists in the receiving almost all types of legal services (excluding some complicated court cases) for the fixed payment. Мoreover, continuous relationships allows us to understand all the details and specifics of the client’s business and to offer decisions for any situations.

We are in the 24-hours access for our clients and try to prevent any possible losses. That is why, we scrupulously examine and analyze all the contracts between client and business partners, each time we consider any possible tax and other consequences. Special attention we always pay to the personal safety of the business owners, as they may become an object of criminal prosecution while their property may become an object of raiding captures.

In the frames of subscriber’s legal support contract we offer at least the following types of legal services:

  • oral and written consultations on the question of taxation, financial, civil, labor, housing, pension, constitutional, family, social, trade, ecological, land, customs, criminal, administrative, international and other law types, economic and accounting questions;
  • consultations and preparation of the founding documents for registration and re-registration of Client’s founding documents;
  • preparation and formatting of trading contracts, agreements, applications, claims, objections, requests and other legal documents;
  • provide normative documents Client interested in (which Consultant possess in the database);
  • legal support in the form of personal participation of the Consultant’s representative during the meeting of Client with the partners;
  • preparation of claims, trial applications, appeal and cassation complaints and representation of Client’s interests in the arbitral and civil tribunals;
  • participation as a defender in the criminal court cases if the Client’s executives are under the procedural prosecution or Client’s right and responsibilities were affected or may be affected by actions connected with criminal prosecution.

Monthly cost for the subscriber’s legal support vary from 40 000 to 100 000 rubles.