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Tax disputes

Tax disputes are an important part of our advocate practice. A lot of amendments are regularly introduced to the Tax Code. During 25 years of business practice we managed to adapt to these changes. Half of our lawyers have financial/economics education, so can work effectively with accounting and tax reporting. Facing with complicated cases in the business of our clients, we involve our auditor and trial expert to guarantee the ‘helicopter view’ on the situation and possible ways of preventing and solving disputes.

As a rule, the most complicated cases are related to tax optimization, because legal practice tend to tightening the signs of defaulting tax planning (i.e. actions are formally lawful, but aimed at non-payment of tax or receiving a right for tax compensation).

For example, courts should take into consideration that tax benefit shouldn’t be seen as a self-sufficient business goal. That is why, if the court, on the basis of assessing the evidence introduced by tax authorities and a taxpayer, makes a conclusion that a taxpayer introduced business operations for the aims of taxation but diverted their economical essence, court define the rights and responsibilities of a taxpayer based on the real economic essence of the certain business operation.

The tendency in development of theory and practice is to eliminate the opportunities to circumvent law (abuse of the law). We know these tendencies and are ready to prevent any possible problems (and not only to solve the already existed disputes).

Our specialists are recognized experts in the sphere of tax law and court practice. They are ready to offer you any assistance in solving tax disputes.

Lawyers are ready to solve disputes (both in pre-trial period and during the trial process):

  • counteraction to the position of tax authorities;
  • control over the process of tax audit;
  • reimbursement or eventual credit of excessively paid tax;
  • consult, collect the essential documents and information.

Solving tax disputes by our professionals will allow you to save time and resources, and will help to minimize the risk for business reputation of your company.